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The Lion Guard: Meet Ajabu the Okapi! | The Imaginary Okapi HD Clip

The Lion Guard: Meet Ajabu the Okapi! | The Imaginary Okapi HD Clip

Whilst playing Hide and Seek, Beshte makes a new friend.

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Okapi: The Forest Giraffe with a Prehensile Tongue

Despite what your gut might be telling you… the okapi is real. Check out Skillshare and get your first 2 months free: http://skl.sh/animalogic3 Special thanks to the ...

Okapi | Curious Creatures

In this week's Curious Creatures find out all about the mysterious okapi just in time for the first-ever World Okapi Day!


OKAPI The okapi (play /oʊˈkɑːpiː/), Okapia johnstoni, is a giraffid artiodactyl mammal native to the Ituri Rainforest, located in the northeast of the Democratic ...

Baby Okapi starts to explore

Baby Okapi calf Daphne has started venturing out and exploring her home for the first time and is already giving her mum Elila the run around.

Focus on Species: Okapi (Okapia johnstoni)

Unknown to science until 1901, Okapis are native to the rainforests of central Africa, with remaining populations only existing in the northeastern portion of the ...

The Lion Guard: Meet Makucha! Final Battle | The Imaginary Okapi HD Clips

Two short clips showing leopard villain Makucha's 'intro' and his 'outro'. He chased Ajabu all the way into the Pride Lands, and boy, does he want that okapi...

The Lion Guard | The Imaginary Okapi | Disney Junior UK

Beshte befriends a shy okapi, an animal that looks like a cross between a zebra and a giraffe, called Ajabu. Can Beshte show Ajabu that he doesn't need to be ...

Okapi - Bah!


Okapi, Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Congo

Okapi in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Ituri forest, DR Congo. Filmed in March 2007 by WildlifeDirect in Epulu, in Ituri province. The okapi is a male called Karu.

Junky Zice - INTRUNA INTRUNA (feat. Guess Who & Grasu XXL) (Videoclip Oficial)

Tricouri Junky Zice: http://junkyzice.shop/ Ascultă / descarcă piesa: http://Okapi.lnk.to/IntrunaIntruna Abonează-te la canalul de YouTube Okapi Sound: ...


Le magazine Okapi t'emmène et te fait découvrir un lieu d'exception. Théo, Rose et Étienne vont visiter le marché de Rungis. Découvre le plus grand marché de ...

Okapi Walking in the Forest

The Okapi Conservation Project is located within the Ituri Forest, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Okapi Wildlife Reserve was created in 1992, ...

The Lion Guard - The Imaginary Okapi (Trailer)

When Beshte befriends a shy okapi, the Lion Guard thinks Beshte has an imaginary friend.

sakigake / okapi

okapiの曲、sakigakeです。 ----- TAB ----- Japanese : http://p.tl/0w6d English : http://okapi-music.com/contact/tabform/sakigake-tab-purchase/ Korean ...

Zebra, Horse or Neither? | National Geographic

It's a zebra, it's a horse - no, it's an okapi. Not discovered until the 20th century, the okapi's closet relative is actually the giraffe. ➡ Subscribe: ...

Okapi ratchet back: The Opinel of South Africa

This is a really cool knife that has a long history behind it. It is very durable, fun to deploy, and lightweight. I highly recommend getting one from the importer that I ...

EL OKAPI. Fósil vivientes en africa

En la falla Albertina en africa se encuentra el OKAPI . un pariente de la cebra y la jirafa considerado un fósil vivientes.

Space Buddha - Okapi

Space Buddha - Okapi Album: Chillum - The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey Vol. 2 **************************************************************************** All ...

PUZZLE 2017 by okapi

I played PUZZLE again. this version is 2017's version! composed & performed by okapi Guitar :Switch guitars okapi custom Mic : Audio Technica AT4040 ...

Kirisame - okapi with Takeshi Sakasegawa

チャーリーこと、逆瀬川剛史(http://www.youtube.com/user/TAKESHISAKASEGAWA)くんとセッションしました!曲になったので、タイトルを着けました。 website:...

Anger(2013) by okapi

Anger by okapi HP: http://okapi-music.com facebook: http://www.facebook.com/okapiTheGuitarman twitter: https://twitter.com/okapi3 okapi: ソロアコースティック ...

Geboorte okapi in Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam (2e jong in 2017)

https://www.diergaardeblijdorp.nl/okapi/ Zaterdag 28 oktober 2017 is in Diergaarde Blijdorp een okapi geboren van moeder M'buti en vader Ngwani.

Rare Okapi birth in Sharjah

Male Okapi, also known as the forest giraffe, was born on October 13 weighing 16kg. Check out the full story at https://bit.ly/2NPPlF7.

Okapi - El \


OKAPi ANGER  10歳女子が弾くソロギター みこと solo guitar finger

http://rcc-1.com/miko OKAPiさんの代表曲「ANGER」に挑戦しました。 なかなか上手には弾けないけど頑張りました! 早く大人になりたい!! 大人になれば...


Un film à propos de l'animal étrange....L'OKAPI!!!

Zoo View Okapi - Cincinnati Zoo


Okapi in Madly Madagascar

Okapi visired from another reserve in Africa.

Grasu XXL x Guess Who - Soareci in Labirint (Videoclip Oficial)

Ascultă / descarcă noul album Grasu XXL x Guess Who - În Labirint: http://okapi.lnk.to/InLabirint Abonează-te la canalul de YouTube Okapi Sound: ...

Fun Facts for World Okapi Day

Facebook - facebook.com/sandiegozoo Instagram - instagram.com/sandiegozoo Twitter - twitter.com/sandiegozoo Tumblr - sandiegozoo.tumblr.com Pinterest ...

Youth in the N Cape shoot a movie titled 'Okapi'

Youth in the Northern Cape have found creative ways of tackling the scourge of unemployment facing the province. They are shooting a movie titled Okapi, ...

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